Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are a popular and versatile form of custom patch that are made by stitching a design onto a piece of fabric using thread. The stitching creates a textured and raised design that adds depth and dimension to the patch.


There are several types of backing options available, including sew-on, iron-on, velcro, and adhesive. Iron-on backing uses a heat-activated adhesive to attach the patch to the garment, making it quick and easy to apply. Peel n’ Stick Adhesive backing uses a strong, industrial-grade adhesive to attach the patch.


The border, or edge, of the patch is another important consideration. The border provides a finished look to the patch and helps prevent fraying. The two most common types of borders are merrowed and heat cut. Merrowed borders are a standard and provide a classic, finished look. They are sewn up and over the edge of the patch using a special machine that creates a twisted, overlock stitch. Heat cut borders are cut with a laser, resulting in a clean, smooth edge. They are ideal for custom shapes and designs.


The process of creating embroidered patches involves several steps, starting with the design phase.  Our artists will match the colors in your design as closely as possible to our thread colors, but if you have specific Pantone® colors, we can use those.

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Once the design is finalized, it is digitized and loaded into our embroidery machines. The next step is the actual embroidery process, during which the design is stitched onto the fabric and then the patch is cut to its final shape with any excess fabric trimmed away. The final steps including adding a merrowed edge, if requested, and a backing to the patch.


At RodeoPatch.com, we pride ourselves on our ability to create high-quality, durable embroidered patches that meet our customers’ exact needs. Whether you need patches for rodeo events, sports teams, or other organizations, our experienced designers can work with you to create a patch that represents your brand or event in the best possible way.


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