Chenille Patches

Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are made by weaving piles of yarn onto a backing material, typically a felt or wool base. The yarns are looped together to create a plush, three-dimensional texture that is both soft to the touch and visually appealing. The yarns used in chenille patches are typically made of a blend of wool, cotton, and acrylic, and can be dyed in a variety of colors to create custom designs.


Creating a chenille patch involves several steps, including designing the patch, creating the pattern, and then cutting and sewing the patches. First, the design is digitized using specialized software and then translated into a pattern that can be woven onto the backing material. The pattern is then loaded onto a computer-controlled embroidery machine, which uses multiple needles to weave the piles of yarn onto the backing material.


Once the yarn has been woven onto the backing material, the patch is carefully cut out and then trimmed to remove any excess yarn. The patch is then attached to a felt or wool backing, which helps to provide structure and stability to the patch. Finally, the patch can be sewn or ironed onto a garment or accessory, providing a unique and eye-catching way to showcase your branding or design.


Chenille patches are ideal for creating patches with a vintage or retro look, and are particularly popular for use on rodeo finals jackets and sports team apparel. They are also a great option for creating patches with bold, three-dimensional designs that really stand out. Overall, chenille patches are a versatile and unique option for adding a touch of texture and personality to any garment or accessory.

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