Patch Types:

EMBROIDERED: The standard embroidered patch is our most popular. Starting with a twill base, we embroider your design with thread to give it a raised feel and classic look. The border can either be the classic merrowed edge, or cut to the shape of the logo.

WOVEN: Thin high-density thread is used to achieve greater detail with a smooth and sharp finish. It doesn’t have a twill base, giving it a more photorealistic effect than embroidered patches. Choose from merrowed or heat cut edge.

LEATHER: Achieve a classy look with genuine leather patches for apparel, hats and hard goods. Choose from a massive selection of colors and finishes.

PVC: Durable and easy to wash, these ‘rubberized’ patches the best option for layered designs and 3D artwork. PVC patches are waterproof and can withstand the elements.

CHENILLE: Commonly seen on rodeo finals and letterman jackets, chenille patches have a fuzzy surface and a bottom layer made of felt.

PRINTED: Best for highly-detailed designs, we sublimation print directly on a blank twill patch.

Border Options:

MERROWED: Considered the standard, Merrowed borders are sewn up and over the exterior edges of your patch. Merrowing can only be applied to regular shapes (circles, ovals, rectangles and squares) and patches 1.75″ and larger.

HEAT CUT: Heat and/or Laser cut patches can follow the contoured edges of a design giving a more direct to garment embroidery look. They work great for apparel – especially cowboy hat stickers – since there are no corners to catch on.

Backing Options:

ADHESIVE: Versatile and quick, “Peel n’ Stick” adhesive patches work great for when you need a quick option for cowboy hats, caps, and other apparel.

IRON-ON: Allows for quick and easy attachment using heat transfer adhesive. Hold a household iron over the patch for 20-30 seconds to fully secure.

VELCRO: Velcro backing allows you to quickly and easily remove your patch from a garment. Velcro is great for when you need to remove the patch often.

Size & Shape Options:

Patches come in all shapes and sizes. We commonly make small patches for cowboy hats and and larger patches for things like caps and jackets. We have the experience and knowledge to provide the perfect patch to suit your needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions!

Ball cap patches are typically no more than 2.5″ x 4″, while cowboy hat patches are a maximum of 2″ H.


The price of your custom patches depends on several factors. Quantity, size, shape, border and the different types of material used all factor into the cost. We include basic art fees and free standard shipping within of the USA on every order.

The best way to get specific pricing for your project is to fill out the quote form below and we’ll get back to you right away with a free estimate.

Completed Projects:

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